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Kevin Flather is a development hockey coach who now specializes in off ice shooting Instructional Clinics that combine dry land weight training with dry land shooting.

  • By improving the players skill set and awareness, the players are able to catch their stride and gain their own confidence.
  • Takes serious athletes that need the right guidance and knowledge and mentors them to reach their goals.
  • Through extensive hours of training, mentorship, and guidance Kevin has developed an against the grain approach to development.
  • With positivity and a ton of passion Kevin has the ability of getting players to understand the process and what it takes to break into the hockey world.
    He does this by guiding them through their journey and having them enjoy it every step of the way.

Kevin spent the last 10 years playing Junior, University, and Professional hockey in North America/Europe

Full Service Training Centre

Unit #14 - 34100 South Fraser Way,
Abbotsford, BC, Canada
V2S 2C6